Increased volume of regulatory requirements and emerging risks pose challenges for organisations. Strategic project portfolios comprise mostly initiatives aiming at regulatory compliance and management of high priority risks. Resulting Business Transformations are inherently complex, difficult to manage and eliminate efficiencies from operational processes.

Do you face similar challenges?

We provide tailor-made advice focussing on following key components:


  • Goal Setting includes the analysis of the current situation, requirements to change and the targeted business structure after the transformation.
  • Organisational Alignment comprises alignment with the business strategy and management of organisational resistance.
  • Governance & Communication enable the transformation of the business with educated decision making at senior management level and dissemination of information across the organisation.
  • Execution entails the establishment of agreed deliverables within the organisation. Key components are diligent scope and risk management.
  • Sustainability ensures that the transformed business can operate in an efficient and effective manner after handover to operational business.

How Hedron Management Consulting can help you:
Competing interests and cultural settings pose challenges to implement required changes in an organisation. Based on in-depth experience with business transformations, Hedron Management Consulting can advice, support or lead required changes in your organisations.


  • Gap analysis of risk management framework and compliance status (if applicable)
  • Action plan outlining targeted business including necessary change measures
  • Lead or support of Business Transformation programs/ initiatives
  • Lead or support of remediation activities in case of internal audit or regulatory findings
  • Plan with measures to ensure sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency over time